[Photoshop] AMAZING Skin Tones using GRADIENTS in Photoshop

AMAZING Skin Tones using GRADIENTS in Photoshop
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Photographing and editing skin tones can be a difficult task. Take them too far, and they saturate quickly, but don't take them far enough, and you could have lifeless skin.  A fine balancing act exists for proper skin tones between on-location lighting and post-editing.

BUT! Imagine having the power to make skin tones flawless, natural, and perfectly matched with just a few clicks. That's what I'm bringing to the table today. We'll use Photoshop's new gradient tool and some hand-crafted skin tone gradients to get the PERFECT skin tone every time!

Video Timestamps
00:00 Introduction
01:00 Selecting Skin Tones
02:31 Radial Gradients for Skin Tones
08:09 Linear Light vs Soft Light Blend Modes
09:30 Reflected Gradient for Skin Tones
10:14 Transparent Gradients for Skin Tones
13:26 More information on Gradients

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